Uh oh, Sayedi appeal verdict time

The blood lust continues
Warped historical values
Condemn an innocent man
for the crimes of another
As part of the chetonazi development plan.


[New Word] Libergressive

A common political hue found particularly amongst the well heeled in decolonialistan. Here, protecting one's own personal fourth order freedoms and privileges trumps the basic dignity and justice due to others, to societally dimming affect.

My libergressive sisters and brothers looked the other way when the Dhaka police and the Awami League, with outside support, slaughtered scores,if not hundreds, of Hefazat protesters in Dhaka on 6 May 2013 as they slept and prayed.

Note the same from 'selective human rights' yaarriors as a not too dissimilar violence and disinformation campaign visited PTI and PAT protesters in Islamabad last month.

Libergression is a transgression of dignity and a step away from decolonial futuremaking. It is an easy listening commonsense to consume and reproduce over-represented in the academy, development, publishing, press and clerk class.

Alas Macaulay's bumprint looms large, which is not altogether a bad thing when one is in the mood for kicking.


[New Word] Ridiculisation

A pathetic condition that has become more pronounced of late, whereby one group of jokers busy themselves in the quest of gaining house Muslim status in order to build neoliberalistan, another adopts a degenerating view (and perhaps practice) of jihad , while another section comprising oppressors and native misinformants exploits the conditions of ignocracy to earn a living playing the others against eachother with silly notions of copywhited Radicalisation.

Radicalisation is a great virtue to be nurtured and mobilised. It is not a maladic discourse to internalise, inform and cash in on.

Ridiculisation is the issue at hand, in our consumption and reproduction of movements, organisations and discourses. Malek Bennabi's  ideas on retardation, takhaluf may be worth revisiting.


[New word] Enpeachment.

The term given to the psychomaterial transformation of a misgovernment, into a popular fruit, brought on by the mass moonment of its revolting subjects.


Mocking Hajar, the Kaaba and the sacred cities, Sisi-style

Check out the mass murderer's moves in the video below.

He is seen doing the jogging part of Sai, one of essential parts of Islamic Hajj and Umrah rituals centred on the city of Makkah, which commemorates the Prophet Ibrahim's wife Bibi Hajar's lonely search for water with their baby Ismail. Hajar ran between the hills of Safa and Marwa seven times until the Zam Zam sprouted out of the earth, and upon his return Ibrahim rebuilt the Kaaba there.

It is a prayerful embodied practice for every pilgrim,  a pretty essential part of the Muslim's sacred-symbolic geography.

As the call for boycott, sanctions and divestment from Israel grows louder and shows some sign of material impact, so does the realisation that we have a big problem in the regimes in Egypt and Saudi Arabi. Egyptian tourism, Saudi dates, decisions, philanthropy and theology are key zones of struggle.

To quote a decolonialist's fatwa

Hajj / Umra is Suspended Until The Ummah has Been Liberated from Taaghoot

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The Great Barcode Pyramid of Gaza: Extending BDS


That the Israeli state,
and Zionised swarms
are psychopaths is self-evident.

Yet the ethnic cleaning  of Gaza 
is only possible 
with Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
So lets  not empower them,

Let us chastise their suffocating power 
Reject Saudi Theology
Dawa Material, Dates and Oil

Tell Egypt's Pyramids where to stick it,
Sharm el Sheikh too.
You would have to be a loon


Welcome Home Talha Rally - 5pm Sunday 17th August 2014 - Home Office

With so much devastation unfolding in the world, we risk overlooking the significance of the few rays  of light that reach us. The freedom of Talha Ahsan is one such ray, his US judge did not fall for the lies upon lies of US-UK governments, and her judgement effectively decriminalises a genealogy of Muslim activism from the 90s which the mendacious War on Terror Industry has succeeded in pushing beyond the pale, until now.

Following early elation in the immediate aftermath of the good news of Talha's impending release (he is due back in August), we need to spread the word of the Welcome Home Talha Rally scheduled for Sunday 17th August at 5pm at the Home Office. A substantial mental and physical presence at the rally is important, even as Israel's western backed ethnic cleansing of Gaza continues to politicise and mobilise the disgust and resistance of new generations of taxpayers, voters, consumers, activists and writers.

Just as the imperialism overseas and at home are interconnected, decolonial movements need to also connect causes in the core, periphery and semi-periphery. The short-lived Equality Movement (spawned from the Student Protests of 2010 and laid to waste by riots triggered by the police killing Mark Duggan in Summer 201) made this important point.

The lawfare and geography of Talha's case, detention without trial, extradition and eventual plea bargain is this connective tissue. Everyone's rights and dignity are eroded by UK extradition laws, which among others,  have caused, and continue to cause great distress to families and waste human life.

The British government have stolen 8 years of a young, talented man's life and every department and individual in the chain should be identified, shamed and brought to book for it. The rally is as much about the moral-legal failure that continues to make such state injustices possible, as it is about the Free Talha Ahsan campaign and its widening audience of crocodile smilers.

Unless we pull the tracks and engine out of the bulldozer, it will continues to wreck havoc.

The movement to cower and depoliticise UK Muslims continues unabated,and we struggle to learn and draw strength from allied causes like the Hillsborough Justice Campaign (whose Sheila Coleman is a hearty supporter of Talha and will address the rally). With HSBC last week, we saw an entrenchment of the British establishment's political and economic persecution of charities, activists and the families of activists acting lawfully and in solidarity with the people of Palestine. The private sector follows the public sector in this respect and we remember, protest and fight the  persecution of activists and community workers like Moazzam Begg and Mahdi Hashi, who refused to play footsie with British government spooks.

Below is a Facebook banner image promoting the Welcome Home Rally for Talha at the Home Office on Sunday 17th August at 5pm. It is our duty to bear witness to and challenge the ongoing injustice of Extradition Law, the suffering of humans in Supermax and solitary confinement, and the underlying hegemonic politics it serves.

Please bring sweets and imagery to share. The speakers list looks amazing.


Protest Egypt's Betrayal of Gaza

Tomorrow there is another demonstration of solidarity in central London for Gaza, new generations of people are being politicised at this great injustice, and I wish them a good, dignified journey, to learn from previous mistakes and contribute effectively.

Remember Tamarrod and Shahbag,  Rabaa and Motijheel
I think protesting at Israel and the British who put them there is important. However as a Musalman, I think folks are wrong and dopey to background the complicity of despicable Egypt and the morons who supported the Tamarod enabled coup there last year that set back progress in so many ways. So many stupid, Tehrir-drunk Egyptians.... who were scared and unable to rise to the civilisational moment and duped. This Gaza genocide is possible because of Tamarod, make no mistake, the demons pulling apart Muslim societies are assisted by our own civilisational suicidal tendancies.

The sheer extent of enfoolment surrounding last year's coup, and rabaa massacres from otherwise decent London people was appallingMy heritage substantially includes a place now known as Bangladesh, and there was a fascistic movement there too called Shahbag. Like Tamarod it had a clear anti-Islamist vibration and represents seculib rage, frustration and subhumanity. These disfiguring developments speak to us of societal work that needs to be done, to banish the false and immobilising dichotomy between Islamist and anti Islamist futures, and to be Creative and critical, creatical about nonsecular, decolonial alternatives.. No body but ourselves can do this.

So many people warned Ikhwan in the build up to their demise, but they wouldn't listen, and could not adapt in time. For this suffered great injustice. However, the world hasn't heard about the Bangladesh tragedy last year, of the governments midnight massacre of unarmed protesters as they slept and prayed. There was no Patrick Galey in Dhaka's Motijheel district transcribing the horror, there were reams of social media video dismissed by evil men like Bengali World Service Editor Sabir Mustafa at the BBC.

Bangladesh's own seculib ragers, not to mention its establishment, succeeded in silencing the cries of the dying, the pain of the wounded and the sad loss of the families. Channel 4's John Snow is reporting bravely from Gaza's hospitals these days, however REMEMBER that Anglo Liberal gaze of the news team wouldn't touch Bangladesh's worst massacre with a barge pole. We didn't and couldn't mobilise ourselves effectively either.

Tomorrows 26th July 2014 Demonstration: A sincere request

Last week 80-100 thousand men women and children marched through London, most of whom were not Palestinian, or Arab. Our grandfathers felt for the Palestinians and its injustice is very clear. There is a false expectation however, amongst many non Arab Muslims that resolution of the Israel problem, would mean something for struggles for justice in Asia and Africa. Some Arab brothers make out like Palestine is an issue of Aqidah, despite the Prophet's non opening of the region. This confuses people who drink learning from sources that delink from their geoancestral roots.

I am yet to see Arabs and Palestinians in the UK, or outside, acting with such gusto in solidarity with the oppressed in Bangladesh, or Kashmir, or Myanmar. During last night's qunoot at regents park mosque, marking the completion of the Qur'anic recitiation in Ramadhan, the oppressed of Palestine featured thrice, but nobody else. 

Far from being against demonstrations, I think we can learn and develop capabilities from each political intervention we make, as a family or as a group of friends. And in this spirit, I would like to make the case for tomorrows protesters to make a detour to the Egyptian Consulate

The Egyptian state recently turned back a Tunisian plane full of medical aid for Gaza, and its state media is applauding Netanyahu. So as you walk from the Israeli embassy to UK parliament, and protest white supremacist imperial policy ( or however you frame it), realise that a special Jamarat awaits your symbolic visitation off the beaten track, like the Makkah clocktower 


Sabir Mustafa's selfie with Sheikh Hasina

The one thing you can rely on from a broad section of deshis, is their vanity.

Below is an exhibit of one of those bits of Facebook ephemera that tell us a story of how sycophancy works among a certain circle of people in Bangladesh. It is a photograph and comment stream from the BBC World Service Bengali Editor Sabir Mustafa with Prime Minister of Bangladesh. It was taken at the London Hilton on Park Lane in the early afternoon of 23rd July 2014, where Hasina is staying with a retinue of 56 people to attend David Cameron's Girl Summit on FGM and early marriage. 

FGM, which is what the papers have made a bit deal about, is not an issue in Bangladesh, but I guess she was required as some  kind of senior ethnic presence, to pose for the camera like a good moderate Muslim woman awaiting a gallant white man to rescue her. Her car was reportedly pelted with shoes leaving Downing Street. 

Its all pretty pathetic really, I would really have liked to have seen a section of decolonial protest register their disapproval of Hasina and her regime in a significant, dignified and  more creative way.  Hasina's Information Minister Hasanul Huq Inu was egged some months ago, and it was very meaningful but could have been so much more. This Saturday's demonstration for Palestine passes close by the hotel, and the Tarawih prayers at the Qatari-Mayfair mosque are on the doorstep. 

It is an indictment of the arabcentric and feebleness of deshward activism amongst our generation in the UK, that this illegitimate regime's officials and securocrats, with blood on their hands, can to and fro from Dhaka to London without any hindrance.

Midnight waaz anybody? Maybe next time.

Both Hasina and Mustafa have been instrumental in the manipulation of the fascistic mood and the production of unfreedom in Bangladesh, where a sham government rules and opposition expression and mobilisation remains suppressed and the fear of poverty still immobilises the middle class.

The monument of this period in Bangladesh's near history is the massacre and cover up of unarmed protesters on 5th-6th May 2013. This unfolded under Hasina's watch, by Dhaka Met Police Commissioner Benazir Ahmed's hand and was rendered away by Sabir Mustafa's white privileged pen.

It is interesting that Sabir Mustafa posts a lot about Palestine, but does not see the resemblance between what he and his female selfie partner do and what the Israeli state is up to.  

The ideology and kitsch culture of Jionijom, more so than Climate Change, remains the biggest threat to life, love and civilisation in the space we call Bangladesh.

Here's to growing out of it.